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      Waist Beads are rich with African History. Women have worn Waist Beads for several reasons during the full span of life, from Naming Ceremonies for babies, Rites of passage for young women, to creating intimate allure for lovers. Generally, in most African cultures (not all), Waist Beads are worn under the clothing, only for an intimate partner to enjoy seeing. Now, more and more we see Waist Beads being worn to openly adorn the body. Waist Beads are also worn to monitor weight gain and weight loss (waist beads do not make you lose weight). They help to keep you mindful of where you are in terms of your increasing or decreasing waistline. When there is weight loss, the beads drop lower around the waist, and the opposite is true for weight gain, the beads rise higher around the waist.

      Currently, we have a beautiful selection of elastic Waist Beads for you to wear any way you chose. Soon, we will be adding cotton string permanent Waist Beads as well.